From former HPV sufferers



Jane has this to say:

I had developed unusual lesions in my private parts after being with a new partner for about 3 months. They continued to spread and were becoming painful. I went to my doctor who said I had genital warts from the HPV virus. He said that my new partner was the most likely cause, and that there was no known cure  and  any treatment would  involve the application of some creams. He said it would be a painful and long process.  If it  didn’t work I may need to have an operation to have them burnt off.  He even stated that I would have the virus forever and could develop cancer in the future.  I was stunned!  I was only 20 years old and was doomed.  It was only by accident that I saw a friend who had a similar problem and suggested I try these minerals to get rid of the virus.  My friend had taken them and the warts had completely cleared without an operation or creams.  I was so excited!  I found where to get them and immediately ordered them.  I took the minerals as directed and although they tasted horrible, to my amazement the warts  started disappearing even before the treatment was complete.  My then partner took the minerals also. We are now married and have a new child.  We are all HPV free.

I can’t thank Resolve HPV minerals enough – They changed my life!


James has this to say:

James presented with lesions around his penis and groin that were wart like and started to spread to involve the end of the penis.  Pathology indicated infection with the HPV virus.  It was suggested he try Resolve HPVminerals. When taking the  minerals, a wart on his foot went brown and fell off painlessly.  It was due to be removed surgically.  As expected the lesions around his penis also completely and painlessly cleared.  He has remained free of lesions since taking Resolve HPV minerals 3 years ago.


Tim has to say:

I have HPV and I had warts since 2003 that constantly pop up and I would get them frozen off.   Over the years before taking Resolve HPV I saw a doctor who froze off the warts and they would return in about a week.  When I started Resolve HPV I stopped going to get my warts frozen off.  I noticed while taking Resolve HPV that one of the warts started to become a little itchy and there was some redness to it, parts of it became flaky.

In Step 2 of the detox I watched the warts turn grey and flake off

I woke up and looked down there are saw that the HPV warts are gone!…. INSANE! never to return.

“Thank You so much for your product it has changed my Life!!”


Lalita has to say:

I wanted to thank you all sooooo much for creating such an effective product!!!!  I am so thankful I took the time to purchase the detox, because it changed my life!  It boosted my confidence after i was beginning to lose hope.  I did not have the HSV-2 virus, but i bought the product because I had a strand of the HPV virus that caused genital warts and had an abnormal pap in February 2012 (and I think I also had the HSV-1 virus, but was not tested for it).  I just received my test results for HPV and it was negative! My pap was normal! I feel like a new person!  Knowing that HPV could lead to Alzheimers and other issues lead me to try your product.

Thanks again!